It is advisable to use a VPN when you are applying torrenting sites. This can protect your identity, personal privacy and the program. This may as well help in opening some torrenting sites that are restricted.

If you utilize a Cpanel based laptop then it is recommended to use a proxy server server. These kinds of servers are virtual hosting space that are provided by a third party. The service provider will act as your Server. You need to buy the VPN connection the unique encryption key that is used to create a tunnel between the computer’s community network and the VPN server. An identical process happens but in the user end.

There is a committed add-on named Tor-Browser to get Linux. This permits you to surf the web anonymously. For starters with it you should install the Tor Internet browser Bundle. Simply just run the installer and next enter your username and password. Available the “web” folder and you may establish a web proxy server. What you just have to do now could be click on the “Tor” button and enter the username and password you just created. That’s all you should do.